French courses for non-French speaking students

The course, also called FLE ( « Français Langue Etrangère » ) is organised by the “Ecole Soralia” of Liège. That means, an external institution specialised on the education of French language and francophone cultural adaptation will guide you in the different steps for the language adaptation to Conservatoire royal de Liège. Not only concerning the language but also developing many different activities related to the francophone culture, as well as visits to the city of Liège. The course might include includes specialised use of French language applied to the artistic field.

The CrLg will offer limited scholarships to the international students to cover the full fee of the course. Be aware that “Ecole Soralia” offers limited places, we kindly require you to respect the different deadline proposed by both institutions.

The direction, pedagogic team and CrLg community hereby encourage you to attend this lessons in order to be properly adapted to the rhythm of the school. You will experience many advantages by being able to communicate in French.


Inscription details

Once you decided to take part in this course, please follow the following steps:

  1. Send your motivation letter (minimum 1000 characters and in PDF format) to  explaining why you would like to attend French lessons and the reasons why it is important for you to improve your skills in French before 1st July (you can send the letter in English or French) ;
  2. You will receive an answer by 5th July as latest weather you were selected to be funded ;
  3. Visit “Ecole Soralia” offices at Rue Darchis 20 (Liège) from the end of August and inscribe yourself into the course  following the advice and recommendations concerning the inscription, level test, schedule etc. Please note that there’s a deadline for the inscription, check it in their website :
  4. Proceed with the payment of the course ;
  5. Safe a copy/certificate of payment and send it to before 1st October ;
  6. After formalising all documents with the administration, you will receive the reimbursement of the fee course.

Attention! The organisation of your inscription is made between you and the “Ecole Soralia”. The Conservatoire royal de Liège will only play the role of informer and mediator and afterwards founding your French studies. You must absolutely respect the deadlines specify by the “Ecole Soralia”.

Exceptions will not be allowed, and we expect you to take the lead of your French studies!


Target students 

For all non-French speakers who wish to learn French. To speak, understand, read and write in all situations of daily and or professional life.



French facilitates the integration and socialisation. Being able to communicate and understand French will benefit your daily life in Liège from a professional and human point of view. It will also facilitate the transition to the artistic professional life in Belgium.


Duration and organisation

The duration depends on the level, the frequency of the courses followed and the objective of the students. The training can last from 6 months to 2 years (for a complete education of the training)

  • Courses from September to January and/or from January to June ;
  • 2 or 3 times a week depending on the level ;



At the end of the course and only if you succeed the exams and you attended at list to the 80% of the lessons you will receive a compulsory European certificate on French language provided by the  » Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles ». Please, note that this certificate it is not equal than « DELF ». You must verify the recognition on any other country you might need it. Concerning the attendance, exceptions related with the academic track of the Conservatoire, such as concerts, auditions, rehearsals (with no possible changeset) will be considered by the French professor as a justified absence. Always communicated in advance and providing a justificative from your professor at the CrLg (presenting an email from your professor would be enough).  

Certificates of achievement (UEDA, UEDB, A1, A2, B1…) according to the levels reached.



Several teaching units of 120 periods are organized according to the school. The teaching units are positioned in relation to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Niveau débutant


Introduction à la langue française





Niveau élémentaire


UE1 (élémentaire)


UE2 (élémentaire)



Niveau moyen


UE3 (moyen)


UE4 (moyen)


UE5 (moyen – B1.3)


UE6 (atteinte du niveau B1)


 Several teaching units of 120 periods are organized according to the school. The teaching units are positioned in relation to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


Further information

Please check the FPS website for further information:

All questions related with logistics, organisation and content of the courses must be clarified by them.