French courses for non-French speaking students

The course, also called FLE ( « Français Langue Etrangère » ) is organised by the “Ecole Soralia” of Liège. That means, an external institution specialised on the education of French language and francophone cultural adaptation will guide you in the different steps for the language adaptation to Conservatoire royal de Liège. Not only concerning the language but also developing many different activities related to the francophone culture, as well as visits to the city of Liège. The course might include includes specialized use of French language applied to the artistic field.

The CrLg will offer limited scholarships to the international students to cover the full fee of the course. Be aware that “Ecole Soralia” offers limited places, we kindly require you to respect the different deadline proposed by both institutions.

The direction, pedagogic team and CrLg community hereby encourage you to attend this lessons in order to be properly adapted to the rhythm of the school. You will experience many advantages by being able to communicate in French.

Inscription details and further information Q2 22/23